Many Hooves Consulting

Many Hooves Consulting provides horse owners and potential horse owners with practical knowledge, tools and resources to build confidence, develop a trusting relationship with their horse(s) and achieve long term success in their equine endeavors.

Many Hooves Consulting serves the needs of those who own or plan to own horse(s) as pets, for recreational riding or for lower level showing and competition.


  • Provide information and resources to help horse owners and potential owner make informed choices in the following areas:
    • Horse purchases or leases
    • Finding the best suited stabling arrangement, training, riding lessons
    • Bringing a horse/horses “home.”  What to consider beforehand (space, shelter, water, food, manure management, fencing, etc…
    • What training “method” to follow
    • Equipment, tack, riding and training aids


  • Assist in gaining confidence to establish good habits or resolve issues with:
    • Ground manners: catching, leading, standing, tying, grooming, etc…
    • Basic training: standing for the vet, farrier visits, applying fly spray/first aid, blanketing, round penning, lunging, bathing, etc…
    • Transporting and time away from the barn: loading, unloading and trailering, camping, showing.
    • Riding: tack and equipment, problem solving