Services and Fees

Fees for farrier services:

  • Trimming  $55
  • Trimming and basic front shoes  $140
  • Trimming and basic all around shoeing  $180

Fees for training/consultation: 

  • Using your facility  – $75 per hour

Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, Venmo and PayPal welcome.

4 thoughts on “Services and Fees

  1. I have pony’s at our barn outside of Ellsworth. One of my ponies has recently been diagnosed with laminitis. I have her on meds but she also needs to be ferried. I have a sedation cream to give to her during the process. Would really like your help with her. Do you travel to your clients? Do you sell soft-ride boots?


    • Hello Toyna. Thank you for reaching out. I am sorry but I am not taking new clients at this time. I wIsh you good luck finding a farrier for your pony. Take good care


      • How shoot, its really hard finding one. Do you have any one you could recommend? Thank you for getting back to me


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