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11 thoughts on “Contact Many Hooves

  1. Hello, We are looking for a farrier for our four adult minidonkeys. Do you do donks and would the price be a bit lower by chance? We were hoping for a weekend visit, perhaps July 16 or 17?

    Thanks —

    Pam Thinesen
    6165 Green Valley Rd
    Ramsey, MN


    • Hi Pam.
      I do quite a few mini donks. I charge the same for all trims. Donkeys present challenges of their own!!
      I do have some availability that weekend.
      Please feel free to call or text me at 612 719 2721 if you’d like to book a time.
      Thank you for your inquiry.


    • Thanks for reaching out Brandy. While I occasionally trim goats for customers who have them along with horses I do not make a trip to trim only goats. Best of luck in your search 😊


  2. Hello, I am in Spring Valley/El Paso area. I am looking for a farrier that can come to my home to trim my 14 year old paints hooves. I’ve been having a lot of troubles with my current farrier in keeping up with the schedule. Pricing? Thank you for your time.


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